Chia Seeds Online pack of 200 GMS



Chia seeds are rich in omega3 fatty acids which is not only the best antioxidant, chia seeds also helps in loosing weight and good for curing depression. Scientific studies indicate that omega fatty acids help in many ways, its cardio protective properties helps in lowering the risk of hypertension and heart attack.

Chia seeds to be consumed as whole. Soak a table spoon of chia seeds in water simply before progressing to bed atleast for seven to eight hours. Early within the morning consume it empty abdomen with some water. largely it’s used for its weight loss edges as a result of its prime quality fiber content that ought to be at-least four-hundredth of your daily fiber intake. Chia seeds even have alternative edges as its made in omega3 carboxylic acid so its terribly useful for healthy heart and opposed ageing. Omega3 carboxylic acid gift in chia seeds helps in skin glow. opposed chemical agent properties of chia seeds is employed as a dietary supplement for young and vernal wrinkle free skin.

High quality fiber helps against constipation so can be used as laxative.

Omega3 fatty acid in chia seeds acts as relaxing agent, it calms down the mind and helps in better sleep and can be recommended to cure insomnia.



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