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With SPIRULINA PLUS now you can :

  • Build stamina to cope with work pressure, PLUS
  • Stay younger, resist ageing, PLUS
  • Check cholesterol and blood sugar levels, PLUS
  • Provide essential nutrition for active children, PLUS
  • Control weight by getting nutrition without the calories, PLUS
  • Have glowing skin and healthy, lustrous hair, PLUS
  • Recover from illnesses faster, PLUS
  • Have a positive balance of nutritional elements like proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, iron etc. With no side effects.


 Each capsule of SPIRULINA PLUS contains :

  • Amla (the greatest source of Vitamin C).
  • Beta-Carotene that overcomes eye problems caused by Vitamin A deficiency
  • Proteins, Calcium, Magnesium and essential minerals
  • Vitamin B-complex, a necessary nutritional supplement for children.
  • Gama .Linolenic Acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that regulates the hormonal system. GLA is otherwise contained only in mother’s milk.
  • Iron to eliminate problems of anaemia, especially for pregnant women.
  • Digestible proteins, especially significant for the malnourished whose intestines can no longer absorb nutrients effectively
  • A 100% natural, organic, vegetarian & cholesterol free diet.



  • 5OOO% more iron than spinach!
  • 1000% more beta – carotene than carrots!
  • 5OO% more calcium than milk!
  • 300% more protein than soya beans!
  • Amla – richest source of Vitamin C!
  • I kg. of SPIRULINA PLUS delIvers more nutrition than I000 kgs. of assorted vegetables.


 Dosage :

  • 2-3 capsules daily at breakfast time.
  • Each capsule contains: Spirulina (Shaibal) 450 mg.,
  • Amla Powder 150 mg.
  • A regular course of SPIRULINA PLUS takes care of your daily nutritional needs, plus keeps your lifestyle going. Indeed, it’s a plus plus.


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