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Refer Once, Earn Daily.

By registering as an affiliate with us you can earn without investing. Its like virtual store for you. All you need is to register and generate your unique referral URL at under Creatives TAB. Once the URL is generated you can copy paste it in WhatsApp , Facebook, Twitter etc. Once anyone clicks that URL and purchase through the website a revenue will be generated out of that sale and a part of that revenue will be shared with you. So more referrals means more revenue each day.

How to refer once and earn daily?

In above diagram we have explained how you can earn by registering as an affiliate. Our software generates a unique link which you can copy from

You need to copy and forward this unique URL to your friends and known contacts. Once they click this URL it get activated and remain in there phone and computer memory.

Whenever they make purchase from there device it will automatically calculate your share and will reflect in your account. Please refer to the screenshot provided to understand where you can find your unique URL.

Screenshot of Unique URL
As you can see the first URL is your unique URL

The second URL shown in this image is product specific URL. Suppose your friend wants to purchase Honey from HealthGen, so all you need is to put URL of the product in this case it will be Honey. Click on Generate Referral Link and you got a unique URL for Honey.

Everyday we are adding new products to our online shop so, your daily earning can be any thing from few rupees to few hundred, so all the best for your new en-devour to earn daily risk free. Click the button below to start a side income as an affiliate.